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les bijoux de pacotille (Costume jewelery)

Opening novembre 2017

Théâtre Romain Rolland, scène conventionnée de Villejuif


« It is not enough to talk to be well, you need to share. » Boris Cyrulnik

Alone on stage, Céline Milliat Baumgartner interprates the autobiographical novel she wrote.

On june the 19th 1985, at 3.30 am, a car gets off the road at the entrance of the tunnel of Saint-Germain-en laye and sets on fire on the roadside. Firemen find inside two burned bodies, embrassing, a man and a woman. All that remains from that night is an earing in shape of a flower and two metal bracelets, blackened by the fire, costume jewellery given back to the family. Orphan children do not attend their parents funerals, they are taken care by then raised by one of their aunts.

Celine Milliat Baumgartner attempts with this text a long work of memory, to portray her missing parents. A father so often away for his work, an actress mother who kisses Depardieu in a movie by Truffaut.

Then comes the tale of the nearly normal childhood of a child without parents.

Text is published by Editions Arléa.


Céline Milliat-Baumgartner writing and acting
Pauline Bureau direction

Emmanuelle Roy Set design - Alice Touvet Costume & props - Vincent Hulot Sound & Music - Bruno Brinas Lighting & stage management - Benoîte Bureau Dramaturgy - Christophe Touche Video - Benoit Dattez Illusion – Cécile Zanibelli choreography- Development &Touring Olivia Peressetchensky Administration Christelle Krief, assisted by Paul Lacour Lebouvier – Press relations ZEF Isabelle Muraour

Produced by La part des anges, in association with Théâtre Paris Villette, Le Merlan-scène nationale de Marseille, Théâtre Romain Rolland – scène conventionnée de Villejuif. Supported by Conseil départemental du Val de Marne. Creative residencies : Theâtre Paris Villette, Théâtre Romain Rolland – scène conventionnée de Villejuif, Théâtre de la Bastille. Thanks to Julien Ambard and Carole Mettavant, thanks to Adrien De Van, for his friendly contribution.

The company La part des Anges is subsidized by the Ministère de la Culture / Drac Normandie (National and International Companies Endowment), and by the Région Normandie. Pauline Bureau is associate artist at Le Merlan, scène nationale de Marseille.

Press- ZEF - Isabelle Muraour

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Crédit photo Pierre Grosbois

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